Inspiration for Swiss homes with powerful B2C commerce solution.

Focus areas: B2C Commerce, PIM, MAM, Hybris, Furniture


Pfister is a top Swiss provider of interior design services for selected private sectors. It operates a B2C online store with 14,000 products that range from furniture articles, to designer products.

Pfister aimed for a solution that meets today’s connected consumer needs and offers a compelling and inspiring experience online.

jpard provided together with Portaltech Reply full stop delivery of a modern B2C shop, including the development of important modules (e.g. Pricing Engine) and support applications (e.g. Sales Assistant).


  • y2y sync (i.e. synchronization of Hybris items via DataHub to other Hybris instance);
  • Own pricing extension;
  • Celum MAM integration;
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration;
  • SAP ERP integration.


  • Hybris Design & Build


  • Real-time customer sales support;
  • Accurate pricing strategies for each customer segment;
  • Easy import of data from external data storage solutions;
  • Customer engagement through relevant, consistent and personalized content.


  • Hybris
  • DataHub
  • Spring
  • MySQL
  • Celum
  • Active Directory

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